Fishbowl App Review: A Platform for Anonymous Employee Conversations

In our interconnected landscape, professional networking has transcended traditional means, embracing digital innovations like Fishbowl. This app, facilitating anonymous professional discussions, has gained momentum among those seeking candid conversations about workplaces and industries. Yet, as with any novel platform, questions arise about its effectiveness and user experience. This in-depth assessment delves into Fishbowl, scrutinizing its strengths, weaknesses, and overall utility.

Fishbowl App Review

Fishbowl's Core Features

Central to Fishbowl is its group-centric design, enabling users to join industry or company-specific discussions anonymously. These digital hubs serve as virtual watercoolers, fostering exchanges of insights, advice-seeking, and venting, all while safeguarding professional identities.

Additionally, Fishbowl offers several features enriching the user experience:

Company Reviews: 

Anonymously posted reviews shed light on workplace culture, compensation, and job satisfaction.

News Feed: 

Curated industry news keeps users abreast of trends and developments.

Direct Messaging: 

Private messaging facilitates deeper connections among users.

Benefits of Fishbowl Usage

The anonymity on Fishbowl offers multiple advantages:

  • Unrestricted Expression: Users fearlessly share opinions on companies, managers, and colleagues.
  • Insights Accumulation: Participating in discussions yields valuable industry, company, and job role insights.
  • Support and Advice: Users seek guidance on career decisions and workplace challenges.
  • Professional Networking: Connections with like-minded professionals across industries expand networks.
Fishbowl App Review

Drawbacks of Fishbowl Usage

However, Fishbowl's anonymity can also breed:

  • Misinformation: Unverified information proliferates due to the lack of identification.
  • Negative Atmosphere: Anonymity might foster unproductive negativity, harming morale and reputation.
  • Lack of Accountability: Users evade accountability, potentially leading to cyberbullying or inappropriate conduct.

Conclusion: A Valuable Networking Resource

Despite its flaws, Fishbowl remains instrumental for professional networking. Its industry focus, anonymity, and diverse features create a unique space for professionals to connect, exchange insights, and expand their networks. Addressing existing limitations could cement Fishbowl as a premier destination for professional engagement.

Here are some user reviews of the Fishbowl app:

"I love the anonymity of Fishbowl. It allows me to be honest and open about my thoughts and feelings without fear of reprisal from my employer." - John Smith, Software Engineer

"Fishbowl can be a bit toxic. There is a lot of negativity and complaining on the app." - Sarena, HR Manager

"Fishbowl has been a great way to connect with other professionals in my field. I've learned a lot from the discussions and have made some valuable connections." - David G, Marketing Manager

"Fishbowl is not very well-moderated. There is a lot of spam and inappropriate content on the app." - Mark Anthony, Sales Manager

"Fishbowl is a great resource for getting salary information. I've been able to use the app to negotiate a higher salary for myself." - Josh Williams, Accountant

"I'm not sure that Fishbowl is worth the risk. There is a lot of potential for misuse of the app's anonymity." - Lisa, IT Manager


Fishbowl is a popular professional networking app with both pros and cons. It is a great way to connect with other professionals in your field and get candid insights into your industry. However, it is important to be aware of the potential risks of using the app, such as toxicity, lack of moderation, and misuse of anonymity.

Fishbowl App Review

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Fishbowl app:

What is Fishbowl?

Fishbowl stands as an anonymous professional networking app enabling users to connect with fellow professionals in their respective industries, companies, or areas of interest. It aims to facilitate open and honest conversations covering topics like workplace culture, compensation, and career advice.

Why do individuals use Fishbowl?

People use Fishbowl for various reasons:
  • To gain candid insights into their industries and workplaces
  • To engage with professionals in their fields
  • To explore salary trends and compensation information
  • To seek career guidance and advice

What are the advantages of using Fishbowl?

Benefits of using Fishbowl include:
  • Anonymity: Users can be forthright without fear of backlash from employers or colleagues.
  • Community: Connection with professionals sharing similar interests and experiences.
  • Insights: Access to valuable industry and workplace insights.
  • Career growth: Guidance and advice for professional development.

What are the potential risks of using Fishbowl?

Risks associated with Fishbowl usage:
  • Negative Environment: Presence of negativity and complaints.
  • Moderation Concerns: Instances of spam and inappropriate content.
  • Misuse of Anonymity: Possibility of personal attacks or discriminatory comments.

Who should consider using Fishbowl?

Fishbowl suits professionals seeking candid and anonymous connections within their fields. However, it's crucial to acknowledge potential risks such as a negative environment, moderation issues, and anonymity misuse.

How can one begin using Fishbowl?

Starting with Fishbowl involves downloading the app for iOS or Android, creating an account, and verifying one's professional identity. Once verified, users can join groups and engage in discussions.

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