Sunnyside App Review: A Safe and Effective Way to Reduce Your Alcohol Consumption

Sunnyside is a mindful drinking app that helps people reduce their alcohol consumption without having to go completely sober. It uses a combination of text messaging, coaching, and online resources to help users track their drinking, set goals, and make changes to their habits.

Sunnyside App Review

Features of Sunnyside App

The Sunnyside app has several features that make it a valuable tool for people who are trying to reduce their drinking. These features include:

1. Text messaging: 

Users receive daily text messages from their coach, who provides support, encouragement, and feedback.

2. Goal setting: 

Users can set weekly goals for themselves, such as the number of drinks they want to have each day or the number of dry days they want to have each week.

3. Tracking: 

Users can track their drinking in the app, which helps them to see how much they are drinking and identify patterns.

4. Coaching: 

Users can have 1:1 video calls with their coach to discuss their progress and get personalized advice.

5. Online resources: 

The app also provides users with access to several online resources, such as articles, videos, and podcasts about mindful drinking.

Sunnyside App Cost:

Sunnyside is a subscription-based app, and there is a free 15-day trial available. After the trial period, the cost is $79 per year.

Sunnyside App Review

Pros of Sunnyside:

1. Easy to use: 

The Sunnyside app is very easy to use, and it is accessible from any device with an internet connection.

2. Personalized: 

The app provides users with personalized coaching and support, which can be very helpful for people who are trying to make changes to their drinking habits.

3. Effective: 

There is some evidence to suggest that the Sunnyside app can be effective in helping people reduce their alcohol consumption.

Cons of Sunnyside: 

1. Cost: 

The cost of the app may be prohibitive for some people.

2. Not for everyone: 

The Sunnyside app is not for everyone. If you are looking for an app that will help you to quit drinking altogether, Sunnyside is not the right choice for you.

3. Some glitches: 

Some users have reported glitches with the app, such as the coach not responding to messages.


Overall, Sunnyside is a well-designed and effective app for people who are trying to reduce their alcohol consumption. It is easy to use, personalized and has some evidence to suggest that it can be effective. However, the cost of the app may be prohibitive for some people.

If you are considering using the Sunnyside app, I recommend that you try the free 15-day trial to see if it is a good fit for you.

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Sunnyside app:

What is Sunnyside?

Sunnyside is an app that helps people reduce their alcohol consumption without giving up drinking completely. It uses text messaging, coaching, and online resources to help users keep track of their drinking, set goals, and change their habits.

How does Sunnyside work?

First, Sunnyside users take a quiz to understand their current drinking habits and goals. Based on the quiz results, users are assigned a coach who will send them personalized text messages, have coaching calls with them, and provide access to online resources. Users can also track their drinking in the app and set weekly goals.

What are the benefits of using Sunnyside?

There are several benefits to using Sunnyside:

1. Reduced alcohol consumption: 

Studies show that Sunnyside can help users reduce their alcohol intake by around 20%.

2. Improved health: 

Sunnyside can help users lower their risk of alcohol-related health issues like liver disease, heart disease, and cancer.

3. Increased mindfulness: 

Sunnyside can help users become more aware of their drinking habits and make healthier choices.

4. Improved relationships: 

Sunnyside can help reduce the negative effects of alcohol on relationships.

Is Sunnyside suitable for me?

Sunnyside is a good option for people who want to cut down on their alcohol consumption without quitting completely. If you want to learn more about mindful drinking or are struggling to control your alcohol intake, Sunnyside could be a good fit for you.

How much does Sunnyside cost?

Sunnyside offers three pricing plans:

  • Free trial: You can try Sunnyside for free for 15 days.
  • Monthly: The monthly plan costs $19 per month.
  • Yearly: The yearly plan costs $79 per year.

Is Sunnyside safe?

Yes, Sunnyside is a safe and effective app. It complies with HIPAA regulations to protect your data. Sunnyside has licensed coaches who can assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Where can I get Sunnyside?

You can find Sunnyside on the App Store and Google Play. You can also sign up for the free trial on the Sunnyside website.

I hope this information is helpful! Feel free to ask if you have any other questions.

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