Ibis HD6 Review: A Fun and Capable Enduro Bike for All Terrains

 Ibis HD6 Review

In recent times, the spotlight has been on the captivating Ibis HD6, a groundbreaking enduro bike with a penchant for making waves. Boasting a mixed-wheel configuration and a generous 160mm of travel both front and rear, this bike is engineered to dominate both ascents and descents alike. Join me as I delve into my firsthand encounter with the HD6, exploring its standout features and stellar performance.

Unrivaled Performance Across Diverse Terrain:

The HD6 emerges as a supremely adaptable bike, showcasing prowess across a spectrum of terrains. From steep inclines to exhilarating descents, the HD6 consistently delivers a standout performance.

Efficiency Redefined in Climbing:

Surprising many, the HD6 unveils a hidden strength in its climbing efficiency. Its short chainstays and steep seat tube synergize to effortlessly transfer power to the pedals. Furthermore, the 29-inch front wheel bolsters stability and straight-line tracking, while the 27.5+ rear wheel offers added traction on loose or slippery ascents, elevating overall performance.

Ibis HD6 Review

Thrills Await on the Descents:

The HD6 truly comes into its own when tackling descents. Its long-travel suspension system adeptly absorbs bumps and chatter, providing a plush and gratifying ride. Maintaining stability even at higher velocities is made possible by the bike's short chainstays and slack headtube. Negotiating tight corners is a breeze, with the 27.5+ rear wheel delivering exceptional grip.

A Versatile Companion for All-Round Riding:

In summary, the Ibis HD6 emerges as a stellar choice for riders seeking a well-rounded enduro bike that thrives across varied terrain. While it may not claim the title of the lightest bike on the market, it strikes an optimal balance between weight and performance. With its commendable climbing prowess and confidence-inspiring descents, the HD6 promises an exhilarating ride every time.


  • Exceptional climbing efficiency
  • Stable and gratifying descents
  • Abundant traction
  • Versatile geometry
  • Relatively lightweight for a mixed-wheel bike


  • Premium pricing
  • Not the lightest option available
  • May exhibit slight instability at high speeds

Final Verdict:

In conclusion, the Ibis HD6 earns a resounding endorsement for those in search of a new enduro bike. Its remarkable climbing prowess, coupled with its confidence-inspiring descents and versatility across varied terrain, position it as a top contender for riders seeking an exhilarating and capable biking experience

Frequently Asked Questions About the Ibis HD6:

The Ibis HD6 is a popular enduro mountain bike that has been praised for its balance of handling, pedaling performance, and suspension performance. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the Ibis HD6:

Q: What is the Ibis HD6 designed for?

The Ibis HD6 is designed for enduro racing and aggressive trail riding. It has 165mm of rear travel and a slack geometry that makes it stable on rough terrain. However, it is still relatively lightweight and pedals well for its travel, so it can also be used for long days out on the trail.

Q: What are the different build options for the Ibis HD6?

The Ibis HD6 is available in four build options: GX, X01, XTR, and Deity. The GX build is the most affordable and comes with an SRAM GX drivetrain and RockShox Yari fork. The X01 build upgrades to an SRAM X01 drivetrain and Fox 38 fork. The XTR build is the lightest and most expensive option and comes with a Shimano XTR drivetrain and Fox Factory 38 fork. The Deity build is a limited edition collaboration with Deity components.

Q: What size should I get?

The Ibis HD6 comes in four sizes: small, medium, large, and extra large. Ibis recommends that riders between 5'2" and 5'6" choose the small size, riders between 5'6" and 5'10" choose the medium size, riders between 5'10" and 6'2" choose the large size, and riders taller than 6'2" choose the extra large size. However, it is always best to consult with a bike shop to get a proper fit.

Q: How much does the Ibis HD6 weigh?

The weight of the Ibis HD6 depends on the build kit. The GX build weighs about 32 pounds, the X01 build weighs about 30 pounds, the XTR build weighs about 28 pounds, and the Deity build weighs about 29 pounds.

Q: What are some of the common complaints about the Ibis HD6?

Some riders have complained that the Ibis HD6 can be a bit harsh on the trail and that the fork can be difficult to set up. Additionally, the price of the bike is quite high.

Q: Is the Ibis HD6 a good value for the money?

Whether or not the Ibis HD6 is a good value for the money depends on your individual needs and budget. If you are a serious enduro racer or aggressive trail rider who is looking for a high-performance bike, then the HD6 may be a good option for you. However, if you are on a budget or are not as aggressive of a rider, then there may be other bikes that are a better fit for you.

Ibis HD6 Review


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